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Date: 2014/07/07

12 kinds of power measurements
Voltage (RMS), Current (RMS), active power, apparent power, reactive power, active energy, apparent energy, reactive energy, power factor (cos θ), frequency , demand measurement, current flowing on the neutral line
(Only on 3 phase 4 wire measurement)

Regenerative electric power can be measured
Detection of consumption power and regenerative electric power Regenerative electric power: This is the electric power which is generated by private power g
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Date: 2014/07/07
• Can measure Flicker in accordance to IEC 61000-4-15 and EN50160 standards. Using our Flicker sensor, available as optional accessory, Pst value (short term severity in 10 minutes value) and the Plt value (long term severity in 2 hours value) can be measured.
• 12 kinds of Power Measurements for Power Control and Applicable to Power Quality Control including Harmonics Analysis.
• One click easy-to-use operation helps complicated setting and processing of large data through the setting / analy
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